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    Shimeji With Sounds! 1.0.9 by KilkakonOfficial           Shimeji Commissions' Sheet Extended by Cachomon
Download it and have a try!         Get your own character!

    Code Commissions:                  Shimeji Commissions:
     Commissions: Open +stamp+ by Cachomon                       Commissions: Open +stamp+ by Cachomon
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:star:All the information you need of Code and Skins Commissions is in the right picture!
Prices, payment methods, and other informations! :star:

Gallery Folders

Shimeji Commissions' Sheet Extended by Cachomon
Shimeji New Versions
Shimeji With Sounds! 1.0.9 by KilkakonOfficial
Asymmetric Shimeji are now easy to do! [v1.0.8] by Cachomon
Shimeji 1.0.8 - Asymmetry And Turning Actions! by KilkakonOfficial
Shimeji 1.0.7 - 64 BIT SUPPORT AND MORE! by KilkakonOfficial
Shimeji Tutorials and Help
Pokemon, Fakemon and FC Pokemon
Magcargo Shimeji [D/L] [+shiny] [+blue shiny] by Cachomon
Bulbasaur Shimeji! by Amwright13
Typhlosion Shimeji +FREE+ [+shiny] by Cachomon
Sylveon Shimeji +FREE+ [SFW+NSFW] NEW FILES+LINKS! by Cachomon
Digimon, Fakemon and FC Digimon
Yumon Shimeji -FREE- by Foxymon
Stryder the Veemon Shimeji Extension +FREE+ by Cachomon
Tetsumon Shimeji +FREE+ by Cachomon
Gatomon Shimeji by SparkusThunderbolt
Simba Cub Shimeji [D/L] by Cachomon
MrTalbain Shimeji [D/L] + [NSFW] by Cachomon
Bluebelle the Skunk Shimeji +FREE+ [SFW] by Cachomon
Flower the Skunk from Bambi Shimeji +FREE+ [SFW] by Cachomon
Closed Species Shimeji
Snappy the Gastrosnap Shimeji +FREE+ by Cachomon
My Little Pony and FC Ponies
Isabella the Pony Shimeji [D/L] by Cachomon
Chloe the Pony Shimeji by Cachomon
[Shimeji] Luci The Pony (+DL) by TwilightPowerBases
Mochi Sweetheart Shimeji +FREE+ by Cachomon
OC - Original Characters
The-Clownpiece Shimeji by WebHeadFanGirl
Vanthrokk Shimeji by Cachomon
Pastel Shimeji -Downloadable- by TheSniperwolfy
The Nanai Shimeji [A bit of an Update 2] by PolariTheWolf
Humans and Humanoids -non OC-
Luigi(Mochi version) Shimeji by Sagami-Michiyo
Talon - League of Legends Shimeji-ee by Ranukki
Asu Rito Shimeji by WebHeadFanGirl
Oka Ruto by WebHeadFanGirl
Other Characters
Free Shimeji Requests! (Closed) by WebHeadFanGirl
Mac Shimeji
Killua Shimeji by killkku
Auctions, Contests, Raffles, Offers, etc
[RAFFLE] YCH Lion Cub Shimeji! [OPEN] [5 Tickets] by Cachomon
Journals for Shimeji Links
WIP Shimeji - write WIP in title please
Riolu Shimeji - Swing Action [WIP] by Cachomon
NSFW Shimeji

Mature Content

Tamamo Shimeji [NSFW-] by Cachomon




:star: Welcome to Shimeji Desktop Pets group!:star:

:iconshimejidesktoppets: :iconshimejidesktoppets: :iconshimejidesktoppets: :iconshimejidesktoppets: :iconshimejidesktoppets: :iconshimejidesktoppets:

:star: What is this Group about?

In this Group you will be able to search, download and share your own shimejis with everyone!

:star: What is a Shimeji?

A little program which has the appearance of any character you wish. The character will be running around your screen and will interact with you.

:star: How to Join

Press the Join our Group button and you will be automatically accepted!

:star: Submitting Rules:

  • You are able to submit Downloadable Shimeji
  • You are able to submit Non-downloadable Shimeji (but the picture must be a whole preview)
  • Remember to choose the correct folder, please!

:star: About Shimeji Versions

:iconkilkakonofficial: will work in an English Version that allows changes in the coding. So you can download the versions for free, try them and of course tell him what to improve! If you see a bug, you should tell him too! The thing is to make the perfect Shimeji Version for all of you!

:star: Useful Links:








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DonKoopa Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2018
Howdy! If Shimeji is an open source project why not host it on Github?
The website has a lot of features to offer and generally would be better suited for issue tracking and stuff...
You guys probably never worked with code versioning before but it is a real life saviour! No more "oh crap, i just deleted my only copy of the codebase!"
KilkakonOfficial Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Hi Don~

Somebody has put a build up on github already. I believe it isn't my latest version but it's fairly recent. Personally I wouldn't use it unless I have to. I'd rather eat cement. :D
DonKoopa Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2018
why though? if multiple people contribute to your project, there's no way around SOME sort of code versioning, otherwise it will end in complete chaos o_o
Precipitous120 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2017
Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me

I'm working on adding more functions to the shimeji, but, I need the project folder in order to integrate the functions I would like to add.

I'm talking about the java project folder which is used to program the shimeji from programming platforms like netbeans.

I see all the changes to the project over the last 7 years, has all been done through the use of configuration and xlm changes. Which are all external configurations which don't actually change the code of the shimeji.

I worry that the shimeji project file just doesn't exist anymore, in which case the whole project will be made from scratch or else the shimeji will simple cease to exist in future Operating systems and hardware changes of the future
scenikeight Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2018
This is a super late response, but what do you mean by "functions"? If you just want to make them have more animations and right-click menu options, you can do that in a text editor. 
StraitJakk Featured By Owner Edited Nov 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not sure if you are aware of this or not but I feel I should make a mention just in case you aren't. I've been looking around and coming across these Browser and Phone based Shimeji that have been using existing Shimeji on their application.

I am not entirely sure for the phone based one's if credits are given to their respective artist but I feel it's only fair to bring this to the attention of the artists that have their work on these applications as an artist/shimeji maker myself (tho I only have one shimeji on this account since I've moved accounts quite recently)

EDIT: Apparently dA thinks the links I'm including are spam so I'll have to make due with listing the links in question by name. . . 
Anyways the links in question are below. Thank you for your time.
shimejis xyz (Credit Given / No Permission Obtained)
Android - Shimeji by Digital Cosmos
Android - Shimeji by Xerophi

(Sorry for the long message btw)
Precipitous120 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2018
I've created a new version of the shimeji program which utilises additional functions into the shimeji

including but not limited to:

Added sound to animations
automatic system cleaning and junk file removal
user set periodic screen gabs
mass opening/closing files on your computer

However I do not feel it would be safe to release this version without updating the existing terms and conditions. This is why I'm commenting here on your post because you show concern for the artists and their work which is currently exposed to theft under the current terms and conditions.

Please if you would be so kind as to direct your concerns to the new terms and conditions I plan to add to the updated version of the shimeji to be released

Shimeji Terms and ConditionsShimeji is an OpenSource project which means that it is free to use with no charge or limitations to what we as a community can add to it, but, currently the terms and conditions of the Shimeji are not to a friendly standard.
The current licence agreement of the Shimeji allows people and corporations to commercialise and sell any and all content of the shimeji and any contributions to the project. This means that not only can they charge you for an already freely distributed product, but they can also steal all artworks and programs which you have contributed to the shimeji project! This is a red flag, we simply must do something about it which is why I propose we write up a licence agreement right here and now in this thread. I will of course write up the whole thing first and together we can trouble shoot for any holes in the ts and cs

Terms and Conditions:
(First Copyrighted December 9th, 2017)
Copyright © Shimeji-ee Group
All rights reserved.
By use of th

If there is anything more you would like to add to these terms and conditions, please please help me build a new set of conditions that protect all the shortcomings of the old ts and cs

Thank you, and feel free to spread this message to anyone else that might be likewise concerned
Add a Comment: